Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring is in the air

Signs of spring are everywhere here at the Whittled Down house. 

 The cat is enjoying more time outdoors, surveying her territory from her special rock. 

My ramp patch, now in its third year, is looking bigger and better than ever. 

The garlic we planted in October is already six inches high, and very appreciative of the serving of compost it received. 

Our new vegetable garden, which we began to make in the fall by sheet mulching, is coming along. Some of the beds are finished and planted. We are still laying paths and finishing the beds in about 25% of the garden. 


mrs_sweetpeach said...

I want to see your signs of spring but the images won't load. And I tried on two different computers too. My guess is that the permissions on the images are set to owner only.

On another topic entirely, is there something you call yourselves and people of a like mind? My girlfriend calls her child and son-in-law hippies because they live in a tiny trailer and are skilled at building what they need out of parts they have at hand. I don't think Hippy fits but heck if I know what does.

I love your blog and have been a happy reader since you were building your caravan.

Libby: said...

Thanks for pointing out the problem with the photos--it should be fixed now.

There isn't really something we call ourselves--things like "urban farmer", "maker", and "DIYer" each seem to describe some of the key elements of the way we live.

Thanks for saying hi, and for reading the blog all these years! Our tiny house turns 5 this summer, and we can hardly believe it.