Sunday, October 13, 2013

Out with the Potatoes, in with the Garlic

Today we harvested the rest of our potatoes, cleared out the bed, and planted garlic. I don't think I've ever pulled so much food out of the ground before. We were amazed by the yield of our little 8 x 8 potato patch. This is the second harvest from the patch, pulling out the late variety this time. The yield this year totaled 88 pounds!
The garlic is a variety we found in New Mexico. Thank you Matthew Vigor for mailing us some that you grew from us, after ours dried out. This year we made sure to keep the garlic in an  un-glazed terracotta vessel which provides the right balance of air without drying the garlic out. Thank you Wendy and Mikey for the tip. Here, Libby is planting 200 cloves - which will hopefully make 200 heads of garlic by next summer. We started with only a handful of heads last year.
Planting garlic in the fall gives garlic more time to establish roots over the winter. We also will plant some of the top sets as an experiment and to promote the genetic diversity of our stock. They will take two years to form full heads of garlic though.
This is the first bed designated for storage crops in our nascent backyard farm. We've used our chickens to remove the grass and fertilize the soil, which makes for a lot less work and expense for us. So far so good! Here's to several more beds in the coming year as we move the coop to a fro.


jimmycrackedcorn said...

I hope your Chamisal Wild garlic does well for you. It loves growing in Illinois.

Libby: said...

Chamisal! I couldn't remember the name of the town to save my life. Thank you! So far so good! Did you start that garlic farm you were talking about?