Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Permaculture F.E.A.S.T.

This fall, we had the amazing opportunity to donate our new property as a design site for the Permaculture F.E.A.S.T. permaculture design certification class. Over the course of a 12-week class, a group of 16 budding permaculture designers visited and analyzed our site, then created 4 beautiful potential designs for the property. In addition to the 4 master plans, we also received a plan for one detail from each of the students.

Wow. It was a little like getting to be on one of those TLC home makeover shows, only a million times better because the designs were gifted to us by people who share our vision for an abundant, sustainable future.

Now that it's mid winter, we are busy refining these plans, deciding what we can tackle in the coming growing season, and ordering plants so that we can hit the ground running come spring.

To everyone who helped produce these wonderful designs for our new home, thank you.

Here's a taste of what the class came up with:

This group's plan featured a luxurious wood-fired hot tub and a 3-year implementation plan.

A bioshelter that makes use of our old barn and a graceful winding layout were our favorite elements of this design.

We love the edible food forest and outdoor kitchen proposed by this group.

This group focused on borderlines between public and private spaces. Since we want to invite community members in to learn about permaculture principles, we love these ideas for opening up our home while maintaining privacy.

On the last day of class, many of my classmates asked me if I just felt more overwhelmed now, seeing the work we have cut out for us on paper like this. What I actually felt was immense relief and gratitude. Before, we had half an acre of insurmountable blank slate. Now we have direction. And because I took the class, I know the people who created these designs. They are part of my community now. I hope that the class will stay involved with our project, drop in for tea, pick some paw paws, maybe even help us tackle some of the hard projects. De-paving party, anyone?

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