Sunday, September 9, 2012

Whittled Down at World Maker Faire New York!

The Whittled Down Caravan will be at Maker Faire in New York this September 29th and 30th!

We are so excited to be headed down to the NY Hall of Science to join other makers from around the world at this the mecca of the DIY movement. Seriously, if you're anywhere within 6 hours of NYC, you should think about making the pilgrimage.

We're sprucing up the wagon in anticipation.

Are you going to Maker Faire?

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Relaxshacks said...

Hope you guys had fun down there! I'm REALLY bummed I couldn't make it- I had tons planned, fixed up, and ready....anyway, at least I'll see you guys Nov 2nd weekend- lookin' forward to hanging (and finally getting some better shots/film-wise of your caravan).