Monday, June 4, 2012

The Lovers

This doodle, presumably by whoever put up the drywall over this plaster wall (a contractor? the previous owner?), was revealed to us as we removed the drywall in the process of doing some repairs. The plan was to take this plaster down, because it is severely damaged. I can't bring myself to do it now.


Laura said...

Oh I love stuff like that too. Could you maybe cut that piece out and save it? Or if it would crumble glue something clear over it and then cut it out?
Or you could try to come to peace with the idea that art and memories have a life that they live. They change over time and sometimes they fall apart all together.
What a neat find!

jimmycrackedcorn said...

That kind of thing is amazing! Frame it and work around that spot!

Helenbeee said...

trace it onto paper scan it if you are good with drawing programs such as illustrator you can then scale it down if you want to print it out onto nice thick art paper and frame it. You still have the artwork and you get to fix your wall.

Helen :)