Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nailing The Homemade Tortilla

When there's nothing in the pantry, a quick batch of tortillas can make a meal. A can of lousy beans transmorphs into a delicious filling when encased by a tortilla. Tortillas are cheap, but they're even cheaper when you make them at home. A cup of flour makes 6 tortillas, so were talking a few pennies on the tortilla. I had tried several times to make tortillas in the past, and though they were acceptable(ish), manifesting all the aforementioned powers, they quickly became hard and dried out discs resembling a stale cracker (bleck). But today I made delicious tortillas that were flexible and supple discs of soft chewy dough... and now hours latter while writing this post, they are still flexible supple discs of soft chewy dough - yes! There were three things missing from my original attempts. They were all revealed to me in this recipe from The Fresh Loaf that worked for me. Enjoy!


Yes, lard. Please pause before you write it off. It's a great cooking ingredient that is still used today by many bakers! It improves texture, and adds a great deal in flavor as well.


Use milk as your wetting agent. Milk actually softens dough through some chemical process that I'm too lazy to look up right now. But it's true.


Kneed the dough thoroughly to develop gluten. This will help with that awesome chewy texture.
Now we can make burritos out of our home made tortillas, instead of just tacos. I'm anticipating breakfast burritos in my near future, if we don't eat all of them before the morning!

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