Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Garden Planning

Still tucked in, waiting for spring.
After a nearly snowless winter, it's been spring-like and sunny here for the past few days. That has me itching to get out in the garden--we've purchased our seeds, and I've been working on our garden plan. This year we'll have about twice as much growing room, thanks to our neighbor and garden "manager". He's been gardening in our rowhouse's yard for over a decade, and he's nice enough to share some space with others in the building.

This year we succumbed to a few impulse buys while perusing the amazing selection of Seed Savers Exchange seeds: 

Strawberry Spinach. This is a salad green that also produces fruit?!? Sign me up.

Rat-tailed Radish. A radish variety cultivated for the seed pods, not the roots. Supposed to be good raw or pickled. I've never met a radish I didn't like. Yum!

I'm also going to expand my hot pepper obsession by trying a few varieties from seed. I picked varieties I haven't seen available in starts around here: Pasilla (the dried pod is used for mole) and pepperoncini, to make my greek salad obsession more homegrown.

Now that we've been through a season with our CSA, we have a sense of what we can rely on them to grow. We'll be passing on the heirloom tomatoes, bok choy, beets and carrots this year, since we had more than we knew what to do with in our farm share. Instead, we'll be growing roma tomatoes for canning, more green beans, and parsnips--all things we felt a little short on last year.

We'll also be growing a little differently this year. We're aiming for a Ruth Stout-inspired heavy mulch, no till approach. The garden has been snuggled up under a few inches of hay all winter, and we plan to simply push it aside to plant when the time comes. If you're not familiar with Ruth Stout, you should be. I leave you with this: 

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