Thursday, October 21, 2010


This blog is about sustainable, simple living. One of the most effective ways to live more sustainably is to limit consumption of new products. Opting out of unnecessary consumption saves you money, reduces packaging waste, and decreases dependence on products produced unsustainably by companies with horrible human rights and environmental records.

Which is why I find nothing more offensive than "greenwashing", when a product or activity is labeled "green" to encourage guilt-free purchases. Greenwashing can make Wal-mart look like the conscientious consumer's best friend, or make beauty products full of petroleum products look good for the environment (and your skin).

I recently came across a woman named Lisa Beres who works for a PR firm and gets paid to promote "green" products on TV stations across the country. And we're not talking about ads. We're talking about on the NEWS. Watching her makes my skin crawl and makes me feel not only for the future of "green", but for the future of our country's news system. How this blatant sales pitch is acceptable fodder for the morning news is beyond me. If you are as bothered as I am, you can express your disapproval over at mediaFAIL, where the lovely Miss Beres is currently featured.


jgodsey said...

Chicken feed from the feed store is the same material as World's Best for about a quarter of the price and without that vomit smell.

Oldfool said...

Cheap kitty litter is mostly clay with some silica. No worse than what is in my yard.

Asparagus Stalker said...

Yes, well, I notice she's on Faux News. So, no surprises there, eh?

wv=derout. De way you trabble to get sumwears.

Asparagus Stalker said...

Yes, well, I notice she's on Faux News. So, no surprise there.

Alex said...

@oldfool clay litter is from strip mining off the top of mountains. SOOO eco friendly.