Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall is for Festivals

It's my first New England fall in several years, and I'm loving the cool weather and general gorgeousness. After a week of rain, the weather decided to cooperate for the weekend, and we had two absolutely gorgeous days to enjoy. Monday? Back to rain.

At any rate, we celebrated fall on Saturday at the Garlic and Arts Festival, where we taste tested everything from raw garlic to garlic ice cream. I even had my first taste of pawpaw, a fruit I have been dying to try for years. Sadly, I didn't document my first bite, but we saved the seeds and will attempt to sprout some seedlings.
Garlic Fest "stinkin' volunteer"

I began my Sunday morning with a yoga class taught by my very talented co-worker. Still feeling the yoga bliss, Tristan and I met up with my sister and rode the 5 miles or so from our home to the annual Bike Fest. Oh, and did I mention that my sister just moved to town from Colorado? I'm loving living so close to her!

We couldn't have asked for better riding weather, and the bike path was covered in colorful fall leaves. At the fest, we enjoyed some local beer and bbq and listened to the musical stylings of our housemates of The Primate Fiasco.

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Adam said...

Hey hey, I was there too. One of the volunteers. Will you be going next year? Perhaps you could bring your wagon for a display?