Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Secure Pantry

Here's a look at our pantry, roadworthy after the addition of a bungee cord railing today. The baskets help keep everything secured as well, and make it easy to pull out a whole "drawer" and grab what you need. Our original plan was to have cabinet doors on the kitchen area, and maybe one day we will add them. For now, this is lighter weight and easier access.


Grant Wagner said...

I really like that! The baskets make it still look very clean and straight, and you can slide out the whole thing. If you only add cabinet doors, then you still have the baskets or the back will be hard to get to.That or true drawers will add weight, but I'm not sure about the aesthetic. I'm really likeing the way your wagon is coming together. Good luck in your ventures.

Anna said...

To save on weight, instead of cabinet doors you could do some simple curtains.

Mary said...

I think I see a Mexican Coke there! Isn't that stuff the greatest? Reminds me of when I was a kid. I have one chilling in my fridge right now!