Friday, July 9, 2010

Rollin' Right Along

Today is our 5th day on the road, and we are in Kansas City, MO. This is our first 2-night stop of the trip. We're both exhausted and decided we needed a "day off". With one leg of our trip solidly behind us, it feels great to spend a few hours just relaxing in a cafe.

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We've traveled about 1,000 miles on our journey so far, from Truth or Consequences to Kansas City. That makes for an average of 250 miles a day, which takes us about 7 hours with the wagon. The car and wagon seem to be holding up well--we try to rest the car for an hour in the middle to give the transmission a break, and I think we'll get an oil change in the near future just to keep everybody happy. Lionshead is getting used to the car as well. Much less freaking out and more curious observation from her now.

We are having one problem with the wagon that is super annoying, though not at all dangerous. When we drive, the canvas loosens enough to suck a bazillion insects into the wagon. I found the largest dragonfly I have ever seen curled up in our bed when we arrived in Great Bend, not to mention myriad beetles, flies, and gnats. Gross. Our temporary solution is to put a tarp over the bed when we head out, which makes cleanup easier but does nothing for prevention, obviously. We don't have a ladder with us, so climbing up top and tacking the canvas down isn't an option until we make a stop with friends.


Michael said...

Bugs... yuck. I guess the original covered wagons never had to deal with highway speeds :-)

I wonder if you put a tarp on just the front (overlapping the roof a little) while in motion would help. I imagine a could bungie cords would be plenty to tie it down.

Eric The Cleric said...

No plans to come through Omaha? :)