Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kitty Corner


Our cat usually spends about 80% of her time outside. When forced to stay indoors, she becomes depressed and destructive, which mostly gets expressed by peeing on inappropriate items. In hopes of avoiding this, um, phenomenon while she is cooped up on the road trip, we installed a cat door leading to an outdoor enclosure. This way the cat can come and go without actually coming and going, and she'll be able to get out of the hot wagon if we have to leave her alone for a few hours.

The enclosure is built onto the tongue of the trailer. The base is a piece of plywood and some 2x4 scrap. The cage is made out of those dorm-room wire cube shelves, which were slightly modified and connected with hog rings. The entire structure is u-bolted to the tongue. The total cost for the enclosure was probably about $20.


Benjamin Kalish said...

That is incredibly awesome Libby. I hope Lionshead enjoys it!

Anonymous said...

That is unbelievably cool! Excellent work!!!

Anna said...

THAT is a very smart and cool idea!