Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bierocks in Great Bend

We're on Day Four of our journey. So far, we're averaging about 200 miles a day. When you're used to New Mexico speeds of 75mph, this feels a little strange. This is an adventure, though, and I am just grateful that the wagon and the car are holding up.

This is me at a gas station in eastern Kansas, enjoying some iced tea in my ceramic coffee cup mimic and a bierock from the Great Bend Farmer's Market. I had never heard of these concoctions, but Wikipedia quickly informed me that they are a meat-filed pastry common in US German  communities. The taste was very familiar--a pierogi in a pastry instead of a dumpling. Tasty!

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Just in case you're not aware, the twitter link that you added to your blog pops up a login screen to my browser every time I come to read a page now. I'm guessing you've saved the password on your computer and don't see it yourself.