Monday, June 21, 2010


We still do not have a good solution for carrying water in the wagon. We want to have some kind of large-ish (3 gallon?) capacity container with a spout that is positioned over the sink to make it easy to dispense and wash dishes with, etc. Makes sense, yes? Well, since the kitchen is tiny, the spot we want to put the container is only 3-4" wide and 2' long. We need something shallow and tall, probably that mounts on the wall. I really want to avoid using a plastic water bag, but I am at a loss as to other solutions. What I picture in my head is a semi-cylinder made of stainless steel that would mount flat side to the wall, round side out. You follow me? Does anyone have any ideas of what we might use, whether it be off-the-shelf or a hack job? My googling powers have failed me on this one.


brobby said...

brita makes a great up to 2 gallon hard plastic filter for the fridge that's tall and narrow. i couldn't find one on amazon but maybe if you look around.

Eric The Cleric said...

You could always use some PVC water pipe from salvage or big box store. Just get the right diameter and get caps for both ends. Drill a hole in one cap attach a spigot and run a detachable line down to the sink. I'd normally like to get away from plastic too but for weight this is probably your best bet and since it is made to hold water leaching should be at a minimum.
Hope this helps!

Grant Wagner said...

My first though would be to reuse a 2.5 gallon water jug such as those used by Hinckley Springs, but as you mentioned, it's plastic.

So, my second though. I know that Heinken has "Mini Kegs" that are stainless steel and about 1.25 gallons. Two of these and a little bit of creativity should go a long way.

Anna said...

Looking at the about go up the corner there about a foot and install a well support corner shelf large enough to hold on of the crock water jugs with spigot. You would need to mount a little board on the front side of shelf to keep it from slipping off. With a little ingenuity you might could rig a little hose to it down to the sink. On the underside of shelf you could put cup hooks to hang a drinking ladle or pot holders, etc. Hope this at least gives you some ideas. Good luck!!

Holly said...

A bored librarian loves nothing better than a challenge! I couldn't find anything prefab that seems to be what you want, but it looks like these folks that make marine water tanks are willing to custom-build something for you:

Can't wait to see photos of the inside!

Lauren said...

Holly has the right idea, but you can do it yourself. Go to They have experience making custom tanks for water for marine applications, reinforced with fiberglass and epoxy. Check out the information there, and make your own to fit the space you have! Good luck!