Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two Weeks

Two weeks from today I will complete my last day of work in Santa Fe, and we will be officially free to hit the road. There are no plans or guarantees once we move into the wagon and put Santa Fe in the rear view mirror. Right now, it feels like there are no guarantees that we will be ABLE to put Santa Fe in the rear view mirror. There is still so much to be done, both in terms of dispatching with our possessions and finishing our new house.

I won't bore you with the details. This process has taught me that in some ways, the term "simple living" is a misnomer. Living simply requires not only a lot of knowledge (to make everything from scratch) but also quite a bit of stuff. Sure, most of the stuff might be trash-picked, thrift-stored, hand-me-down or handmade, but it is stuff nonetheless. Moving into a tiny house requires a completely different kind of simple living. We'll have to temporarily abandon practices we've kept for years (keeping chickens, brewing beer, growing food, etc.). But our cost of living will decrease dramatically, and in my book, fewer needs equals more freedom.

It's early in the morning here and we are about to get to work on the wagon to escape the brutal heat we've had here all week. The show must go on!


jimmycrackedcorn said...

Less stuff = more freedom. Yes! I am always amazed at how much power my possessions have over me. Sometimes I wonder if it's just a vicious cycle. Working to have the house, having the car to get to work and then working longer to pay for the car repair or a new roof.

Mary said...

I've been selling off a lot of what I own in preparation for a move to another state. There are no jobs in my field in my hometown, so I finally made the decision that I'll need to move to find the work.

The more I tell people that I'm selling my stuff in order to move, the more crap people keep trying to give me!

Yesterday my aunt gave me a bag of stuff from my grandparents. A silver tray dated 1960 from their 35th anniversary...two Thanksgiving menus from a fancy restaurant in my town dated 1941 and grandma's silverplate silverware...

I would have loved this stuff 20 years ago when I was in college and furnishing an apartment. Now there is a good chance I may be spending the rest of my summer living from a van and tent - I sure don't need a silverplate tray and utensils! LOL

I've very politely told people that I don't need more things - I am trying to get rid of stuff, but they just don't get it!

I'll be reading your next few weeks with rapt attention - don't feel like you are boring us with the "details" - it's fascinating!

Jem said...

Did you see the sunset last night? How can you leave those New Mexico sunsets behind?

Libby: said...

Thanks for the comments, all.

Mary-- isn't it interesting how your family is expressing their discomfort with your decision by imposing "important stuff" on you? It's almost like they're trying to enable a lifestyle you're attempting to leave behind. I think you've hit a nerve.

Jem--the sunsets have been amazing all week, I guess because of the fire in the Jemez? I'll miss the sunsets, but I won't miss the heat. We've been getting up at dawn to work a few hours before it's too hot to continue...