Friday, June 4, 2010

Traveler Kitty

I am the mama of a very ornery former street cat. She'll be making the trip with us of course, and I'm taking measures in an attempt to have some control over her. It may all be in vain, but I'd really like to avoid spending an extra week in Nebraska searching for her. I've never had success using a cat harness on her before, but this time I'm going to make her wear it 24/7 until she gets used to it. Hopefully this will make her easier to leash/restrain. She is reacting the way many of you know cats react to such things-- she seems convinced an invisible hand is forcing her into the ground. Hopefully she gets over it. In the mean time, it's kind of funny.

It's for your own good, Lionshead.


Ches said...

We too traveled with our formerly wild kitty and my wife tried over and over to get her to wear a harness, but it was always the" invisible hand " as you put it so well. She ran off in Guanajuato for days after being terrified by fire works till my wife, who never gave up, finally found her. Then after 9 months on the road an owl at Catalina State Park in Arizona got her. We never suspected that there would be Great Horned owls where there were hardly any trees. We were devastated. On the other hand we have met lots of people on the road who successfully travel with their cats. Most of them use harnesses or the cats stay in the rig. I think the key is to get her harnessed trained. Keep trying and good luck and take good care of your kitty.

Mikey C said...

When I use to live in Nebraska there was a place where I liked to hike with a campground and someone lost a kitty there and spent quite a while staying there looking for her. They even got on local radio and television and everything but never found her. Chances are a coyote or something got her.