Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So long, house

Today we finished emptying and cleaning the 2BR house we've called home for almost two years. We're not quite ready to leave Santa Fe, but the landlord is putting the house on the market so we've been exiled to the casita on the same property for the remaining few weeks we'll be in town. It's a pain to have to move twice, but in a way it's a nice transition. The casita is probably 25% the size of the house, and our remaining belongings fit easily inside. We still have a pile of stuff to donate and stuff to ship, but we're getting there. I can taste freedom!

I have felt so burdened by stuff this week, as we've had to either throw away, donate, or move every single possession. I wrote a cheerier post about getting rid of stuff recently, but man. It is beyond me how we accumulated so much stuff in this house. I hope I never again have to spend a whole week of my life (more, really) dealing with my possessions. It's not worth it! I'm ready to start traveling light!

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