Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Roof The Roof

Our Sunforger waterproof canvas for the roof arrived last week. As you can see from my previous sewing projects, I am not the most competent seamstress. Having a strong, watertight roof over our heads seemed kind of important, so I enlisted the help of a friend.

Susan Todd is incredibly generous for helping me with this project. We've only met a handful of times, but it turns out she's basically an old family friend. She lived in a tiny town in Vermont for many years, 2 miles from the town I grew up in. We share boatloads of acquaintances, including the family from whom we got our first puppy. Susan is an incredible artist who makes, among other things, handbags out of recycled materials. You can see them in the background there...the brightly colored ones are made out of hot air balloons!

We spent a couple of hours at Susan's studio assembling the roof. The finished roof is 13.5' x 12', which includes plenty of extra room. There are four panels sewn together using a french seam, which should improve strength and water-tightness. We're still mid-move so I'm not sure when we'll put the roof on, but I'm hoping we'll have it up by next Monday.

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