Monday, June 21, 2010

Key to our Tiny Home

It was a childhood fantasy of mine (and yours too, I bet) to have a skeleton key that opened the door to a secret garden or room. Well, now I have a skeleton key that opens the door to our new home. In an earlier post I mentioned the difficulties we've had finding a local locksmith to cut a key for a reasonable price. Finally, Tristan went to the locksmith and asked to buy just a blank, thinking he would find a way to cut the key himself. The locksmith decided to cut the key for him for the cost of the blank! I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to learn how to make a skeleton key, but I'm relieved to have a way to lock the wagon. Right now, time and energy are at a premium around here, so any time saver is a boon.

In order to lock the wagon from the outside, we still had to cut a hole through the door for the key to fit through. I took care of that this afternoon, so aside from the cosmetics of putting a plate on the front, our door assembly is complete.

From Whittled Down

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