Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Journey Begins!

It's official: we no longer live in Santa Fe. Our last few days in town were hectic, to say the least--full of sad goodbyes and hard work. Somehow we made it through, and we are now officially living in our wagon.

I know many of you are waiting for the "grand tour" of our new house on wheels. We have a few more finishing touches to get to while we are at our first stop, and once those are completed we'll show you the finished wagon, inside and out, top to bottom.

The first leg of our trip, from Santa Fe to Truth or Consequences, was frankly pretty miserable. Our poor cat was freaking out, the only route to take was a 75 mph highway on which we averaged 50 mph, and it was hot. Really hot. We stopped in Socorro to refill on water and give the car a break, but when we tried to start it again, the battery was dead. Tristan tried using our solar panel to recharge the battery, but eventually we just got a conventional jump. So, we have a battery problem to address before we continue on.

And a cat problem. I'm going to pick up some Rescue Remedy for her and see if that helps.

We'll be down in TorC for a few days. We have lots of friends here, a house-sitting gig that offers climate control and a bathroom, and being unemployed and out of Santa Fe means we can focus our full attention on improvements to the wagon. The to-do list is long, and includes mounting and wiring the solar panel, reducing our load, installing the cat enclosure for Lionshead, plumbing the sink, finalizing our water setup, and generally organizing the space and securing everything for travel. We hope that when we shove off from TorC, we will have a fully functional if not fully beautiful home.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting started! There is always an issue or two that was unexpected. Carry on!

Jem said...

Is your cat getting car sick? I had an orange cat that also would get car sick, poor thing. Eventually, he/she will adjust...hopefully you'll still be sane when it happens.

Good luck!

Ian said...

I used to have a cat who would get sick, the best thing for him was to get him into a place where he could not see outside at all. It was best to put him in a cage with a blanket over it. Not sure if this is practical for you but if you can find a way to make sure he can't see outside it should help.

Jem said...

I was thinking a similar thought. Typically when driving with cats, it's best to keep them in a carrier where they feel safe. They tend to calm down faster and often don't want to come out of the carrier when given the chance. Perhaps your kitty would prefer a secure place until s/he's used to traveling. If you guys weren't all the way down in T or C I'd give you one of our carriers to give it a try. Let me know if you're coming back thru ABQ.