Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visiting an Off-Grid Tiny House in Northern New Mexico

This weekend Tristan and I had the opportunity to visit a remote lake in Northern NM. It was hard to tear ourselves away from work, but our friends graciously offered us the use of their cabin and canoe, so away we went. Their cabin, built by our friends, is rustic and off the grid--propane stove, kerosene lamps, no running water or plumbing. The trip was also good practice. We now know we're able to easily fit everything we need in the car, and we got used to checking the bucket under the sink for overflow...

The lake was stunning. We saw carp spawning (video to come), a bald eagle soaring, and played board games by lamplight to the sound of thunder outside. Now we're back home for the final stretch, slightly rejuvenated. 11 days until the real adventure begins.

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