Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Fix: Part 1

So as I mentioned earlier, we had this problem with the bows forcing the purlines out of whack. Thanks to those of you who offered tips--we got some great advice. In the end, we decided on a two-part solution. Part one involved reinforcing the two purlines that support the partial walls. We cut a 1x4 to the exact width of the wagon at the end wall, and affixed it to roughly the widest area, which happened to be at the bed frame. To bring the purlines in to meet the 1x4, Tristan used a technique he read about in a boat-building book.

He attached a rope to the walls and used a stick to twist the rope up, thus pulling the walls towards each other. Once the walls were brought into line, he used 2x4 blocks to secure the 1x4 to the purlines and the bed frame. What we have now are straight side walls held firmly in place, and a slightly higher bed facade.

We are still experiencing bowing with the upper purlines, but it appears that when you pull the top beam straight, all the other purlines fall into place. Part 2 of the fix will involve stiffening that top beam.

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