Thursday, June 10, 2010

Field Trip! Real Gypsy Wagon

Through friendly connections, we learned that a wealthy couple owned a "real" gypsy wagon in Santa Fe. We were able to go visit it yesterday. This wagon is a different style than ours, but it is beautiful and it was inspiring to have a look around. As you can see, the wagon is fairly large and is of the horse-drawn persuasion. Unfortunately, the woman who showed it to us (wealthy couple's dog caretaker) did not know much about it, how old it was or where it came from, etc.

Most interesting to me was that several features of the wagon seemed to be made from re-purposed furniture. We have taken this approach in our wagon, but I didn't think I'd see that in an "authentic" wagon. Under the bed there is a small desk that looks like it was placed in there, and the dishes are store in what looks like the top portion of a secretary desk with the front removed. You can't see it in the picture below, but there were remnants of where the hinges used to be.

My favorite feature was the pull-out table that stores underneath the bed. We've been debating how best to work a table into the design, and after seeing this approach in action I think we'll do the same. Isn't it funny how the wagon is staged as though a romantic dinner-for-two might spontaneously erupt at any moment? The crumpled napkin is just too much!


Jandroid said...

I have problems with the pictures. I cant sse them ?! Can you check I would love to see them. Thanks.

Libby: said...

Sorry about that--I think I fixed it. Can you see them now?

Virginia ("Ginn") said...

Repurposed furnishings are pretty typical of authentic vardos. Traditionally people used what they had to outfit their wagon. There are many websites and books featuring photos of vardo interiors. Great place to garner ideas for your own venture. You may also find some interesting entrepreneurial afforts in the Society for Creative Achronism sites - there are members who choose to make historically accurate vardos to make their representation of their character more authentic. Thanks for sharing the photos!
In Sunny Santa Fe

melissa said...

Awesome project and happy you are sharing.
FYI though, "gypsy" is derogatory, not unlike calling Blacks "niggers." The correct term is Roma.