Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We have most of the bows up now, except for the ones that go over the walls and the awnings. It turns out that the bows have created some unexpected side effects that we now have to deal with. Basically, the purlines were not strong enough to take the tension of the oak bows, which we installed without steaming now the purlines are bowing in or out in various places, and we don't have the nice straight lines that we want. We're not sure yet how we'll correct this problem. Advice is more than welcome...

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Ches said...

If possible rip the bows in half ( if they are 1x2's rip them into 1/2" x 2 ), bend one into place, glue the next one on into the bend. They will dry to the curve. Another idea: clamp stronger boards under the purlins and attach the bows. When finished unclamp the boards. Third idea: Permanently attach a 1x1 or whatever size is strong enough, under the purlins with screws and glue to create a T with the purlin as the top bar of the T. Good Luck