Sunday, June 27, 2010

Battery Swap

A few months back, Tristan traded a bunch of salvaged UPS batteries for two large 6V golf cart batteries. Our friend Mikey of Holy Scrap Hot Springs is a battery guru whose homestead runs almost entirely on solar power and thus, lots of batteries. These golf cart batteries were intended to go into a solar system of our own. Unfortunately, at over 60 lbs each, we soon realized that we couldn't afford the added weight. The other problem with these batteries was that they weren't sealed, which in a mobile situation meant a risk of spilling acid all over the place. So we trucked the batteries back down to TorC (in the passenger seat because the car rode too low with the batteries in the trunk). Mikey graciously took them back and traded us a second time, this time for a much smaller 12V sealed battery, weighing in at about 30 lbs. This 30-amp battery will suit our space limitations much better, and should still provide enough storage capacity for our needs.

Two Big for One Little


diznia said...

We're learning so much about batteries these days, as we plan our future energy system. It's interesting, but a bit tricky with all the different variables and options. Can't wait to see you guys here!

By the way Libby, there's a community radio station starting in Ithaca, and they're apparently looking for volunteers, especially people to train others in audio production. Maybe we could work something in while you're here if you have time? The station in WICR.


diznia said...

Oops, my mistake, the station is not actually called WICR. Here's the URL: