Sunday, June 6, 2010

1st Bow

If Tristan looks a little grumpy in this picture, it's because we've been working hard all weekend in 95 degree heat on really annoying projects. We spent a great deal of the time sanding and varnishing (lather, rinse, repeat) which I think is a least favorite task for both of us. This evening we finally started putting the bows on the wagon. Some of the purlines were a little saggy and putting the bows in will correct this problem and provide more rigidity.

In other news, I think we are both starting to feel the exhaustion sink in after several intense weeks of moving, building, and cleaning. It's going to be a hard push to the end, but we're still optimistic that we'll be "done" by our deadline of June 25. "Done" in this case meaning road-worthy and basically functional. There may be some finishing touches to be done after we shove off. We're so close to go time. Holy moly.


PermaFrost said...

It already looks pretty sexy. The wagon, that is... Tristan too, I guess.

paleotool said...

I have been working my way backward through your building and simplifying experience. Thanks for the photos and ideas. It think your light weight design will really pay off in the towing end but might get a bit cold back east. I am in New Mexico building a wagon too if you are interested in other ideas.