Saturday, May 29, 2010

Past and Future

Moving into a tiny house means getting rid of all your stuff. Both Tristan and I are the nesting type, and since we've been in the same house for almost 2 years, we've accumulated a lot of stuff. A lot of tiny house dwellers talk about feeling free once they get rid of all their crap, and so far it has definitely been a freeing experience for me. Every item that walked out of our yard sale made me feel a little bit lighter. I think I won't comprehend the full effect until we've moved into the wagon, but it
was amazing visually to see all of our possessions spread out in front of the wagon.

Another plus to getting rid of all of our stuff is that our yard sale earnings will go directly to help pay for the wagon. In a way, all of that extra crap gets incorporated into the wagon in the form of funding. So far we have raised exactly $500 from liquidating our possessions, and we still
have a few big ticket items left to sell. That's about 1/3 of the total cost of the wagon.

Which brings me to a simple living point that is one of my very favorite rants: less stuff in your life = more $ in your pocket. Over the course of the past two years, we've managed to reduce our expenses dramatically. I am able to save about 15% of my income every month, even though I work 25 hours
a week at $14/hr. I buy local, organic food and I eat out more than I should. And yet, decisions like living without TV and a cell phone really add up. To me, the Good Things in life are the homemade things, the free things, the quality time things. Living with this perspective, in my opinion, gives me more freedom than a high income, full time job that sucks up all my time. Knowing that you can live comfortably on 10k a year or less is the best security there is.

Moving into the gypsy wagon will greatly reduce our largest living expense--rent. Living in a house is expensive--living in a house in Santa Fe's inflated market is even more expensive. Currently, my share of the rent sucks up almost half of my monthly income! In minimizing our possessions and building a gypsy wagon with solar power, our rent and utilities expenses will be minimal. For me, this means the difference between being forced to work a job I don't like and getting to choose my work more carefully. Not to mention the fresh air and adventure we will enjoy in our new simplified dwelling. Oooooooh boy, I can't wait to hit the road!

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Jem said...

Awww, I wanted to come to your yard sale but I didn't know about it because you didn't blog about it previous to the sale. Now I'm bummed :(