Sunday, May 9, 2010

1st Side Wall

This morning we put up the first side wall. The wall is made of corrugated steel, which we chose for three reasons: 1) We already had it lying around as we salvaged it almost a year ago from a trash heap. I think this is one of our best reuses of salvaged material so far. 2) It's lighter and easier to install than more tongue and groove, and 3) We kind of like the contemporary wood and metal look.

Here's the technical stuff. The steel is supported by a 1x2 poplar "purlin". The purlin is notched into the front and back wall. Each material on its own felt kind of flimsy and I was a little worried it wouldn't be rigid enough, but now that it's all screwed in it feels good and sturdy. We will caulk the gaps in the corrugated to seal it all up.

One more side wall to go and then we're done with the exterior except for the roof! Before we put the roof on we will install the larger pieces of built in furniture, including the bed frame and the kitchen counter.

From 2010-05-08

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