Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wahoo! New Tool Library!

We've been patrons of the Santa Fe ReStore for a looong time. If you're not familiar with ReStores, they are the thrift stores of the construction world, and the proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity. You can check to see if there's a ReStore in your area here. These places are basically paradise for the DIY-inclined, as you can find great salvaged materials there, anything from lumber to furniture and everything in between.

Just when we thought the ReStore couldn't get any better, it did! They just opened a brand new tool lending library with an AMAZING selection of power and hand tools that can be borrowed for free after an initial membership fee of a measly $10. The lending library opened just shortly after we began to work on our gypsy wagon in earnest, and since the only power tools we own are a hand drill and a jigsaw, it's been like a gift from above. So far we've rented a circular saw, belt sander, planer, rasp, and clamps for the gypsy wagon. Oh yeah, and while this isn't the first tool lending library in the country by any means, it IS the first to be housed at a Habitat ReStore. My sincere gratitude goes to Michelle Goodman and all the good folks at Habitat who have made this resource a reality for Santa Fe.

As tends to happen to me, when we walked into the library last week were greeted by a reporter from the local paper who was doing a story on the project. Naturally, he asked us what we were building with tools from the library. I considered lying and telling him we were doing a weekend bathroom remodel, but alas, I'm honest to a fault. "You're building a what?" he asked. "You know, a gypsy wagon, like, a covered wagon. To live in." Yeah... Anyway, here's the article. Pretty much every detail about us is wrong, including the quotes, but what're you gonna do.

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