Sunday, April 11, 2010

The wagon is on the trailer!

Whew! Today we finally got the foundation of the gypsy wagon attached to the trailer. This step required a lot of math, measuring, measuring again, and other such annoyances.

The trailer has holes to bolt to all along each beam, so we planned to bolt through those using a long carriage bolt, the largest washer we could find on the top, and underneath a lock washer and a standard nut. We placed 3, 1x4 struts between the wagon and the trailer to provide clearance over the bolt heads that stick out of the trailer.

Measuring the places to drill the holes into the floor of the gypsy wagon became the biggest challenge. Because of the way the trailer is constructed, there is no way to just place the wagon on the trailer, line it up, and drill through. The hole placement had to be measured before the wagon was placed on the trailer. And to make matters worse, inconsistencies like the trailer being slightly wider and longer than the wagon required us to rethink the placement of the wagon on the trailer.

The wagon was resting on sawhorses, and we had to devise a way of getting the wagon onto the trailer with just the strength of us two. We took two sawhorses and placed a 2x4 between them, which allowed us to roll the trailer under the wagon close to all the way.

Then, with some fenagling we were able to lower first one half and then the other down onto the trailer. Then it was a simple matter of bolting everything down (after a quick trip to the hardware store, of course...)

We're sitting in the shell of the wagon now, testing out the stability of the box with our own weight for the first time. It feels really sturdy!

We think this might have been the most challenging step in the process, with the possible exception of getting the hoops in. Next up is putting up the front and back walls, which will be made out of recycled tongue and groove, and maybe a coat of varnish. Moving right along!

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Mikey Sklar said...

Tristan is beginning to look like a gypsy.