Thursday, April 8, 2010


We were invited to dinner with friends the other day, and we volunteered to bring the salad. I managed to fill a colander with lettuce, arugula, and spinach from the hoop house! The salad was later supplemented with Farmer's Market greens as one colander is sadly not enough greens for 5 people. I'm so thrilled with this hoop house experiment!

So far we're not seeing any problems with aphids or other pests that can overwinter along with the food, but I have a premonition that if we were to leave these plants in the ground all season, they would end up infested. Based on the few things we overwintered in a cold frame last year, which all got aphid infestations, I think it's important to plant more greens in the early spring and pull last year's once this year's are coming in. Since we're not going to be here much longer, the hoop house greens will probably be it for us this season. Let's hope they keep on cranking!

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