Friday, April 23, 2010

A home for the price of a month's rent?

Our budget for the gypsy wagon is $1500. The goal is to build a home for not much more than one month's rent, which is $1100. If we live in the gypsy wagon for two months, it will have paid for itself and will have begun to save us money. Seems like a pretty good investment to us.

The trailer had a lot of associated costs, which total just over 50% of our expenses thus far. It's tempting not to count some of the expenses, like installing a trailer hitch on my car, but for now I am counting anything that went into making this gypsy wagon possible.

So, what's the grand total so far? It hurts to say it in public. $1191.90.

We still have to purchase lumber to make the bows and purlines, the canvas for the roof, and inevitably some bits and pieces for the interior (though we are trying to use as much salvaged material as possible). If we are going to come in on budget, we have $309.10 to do it with. It's going to be tight, but it seems doable.

Goal #2 is to see how much of the total cost of the wagon we can pay for by selling our possessions. I'll update you on that goal in a future post.

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Jem said...

Let me know when the yard sale is.