Sunday, April 11, 2010

Full Day

Today was a very full day. We got up early to set up a yard sale--a first attempt at getting rid of stuff in preparation for the move. We live on a very quiet street and the going was slow, but we made a worthwhile profit and got rid of a fair volume of stuff in the end. My cat almost went home with more than one customer after climbing through open car windows in search of warm napping spots. She also had an entertaining encounter with a 9-month-old baby. Much mutual amazement was shared. After the sale, we loaded up the less valuable remaining stuff and took it to Goodwill. Feels good to shed some volume/poundage.

Let it be said that by this point in the day I was already quite sunburned.

Then it was on to the gypsy wagon. Progress has been very slow this week as we try to figure out how to best attach the wagon foundation to the trailer frame. We spent an extremely confusing and aggravating couple of hours trying to get everything measured in order to drill holes in the right spots in the floor. Not very much fun. If the stars align properly, tomorrow we should get the wagon-thus-far onto the trailer. Keep your fingers crossed!

We also took some time today to repeatedly restore Wiley-The-Escape-Chicken to the pen. For some reason, our Buff Orpington has found a secret portal that allows her to seemingly walk straight through chain-link to terrorize our hoop house, multiple times a day. It's time to sit out there with some beer and figure out how the heck she is getting out. None of the other chickens can figure it out either.

Tonight was supposed to culminate in a contra dance, but alas we are too sunburned and tired to make it happen. Time for some aloe vera, homemade gatorade, and some serious zzzzz's.

[ Homemade Gatorade = water, lemon (less than lemonade, more than lemon water), salt (enough to be able to taste it), and honey. Really gets your electrolytes restored! ]

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