Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Wall Going Up

Today we made some good progress on the first end-wall of the gypsy wagon. The first part of the process was completed yesterday--measuring the rough lengths of the tongue-and-groove boards that form the wall, and cutting them all to length. We used most, but not all, of the tongue-and-groove we salvaged so we'll have to salvage more or buy the rest for the other wall. As you can see, when the boards were stacked they made a nice parabolic shape:

Today we started by squaring the 2x4s and 1x4s that make up the frame. Next, we began the process of gluing and screwing each board into place. We lost daylight before we were able to finish, but tomorrow we should be able to finish the front wall fairly quickly. Once the end-walls are on, we'll draw a circle and cut the walls into the proper curved shape.

By the way, Tristan seems to have entered the gypsy wagon twilight zone. Both yesterday and today he encountered two different gypsy wagons on the streets of Santa Fe. Both were the "Reading" style, which has full walls and a slightly curved, wooden or metal roof. Today's specimen was horse-drawn! I guess rambling gypsy-style is in the cards for us.

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