Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bike Donations

Santa Fe is lucky to have a dedicated bunch of bike enthusiasts and activists that make up the Chainbreaker Collective. Their kick-ass mission reads thusly:

Chainbreaker is a collective of individuals from diverse backgrounds working on a volunteer basis to rescue and repair bicycles to redistribute to the Santa Fe community. We believe in empowerment through education, humane economics, sustainable ecology, and the active deconstruction of social inequalities.

Chainbreaker has a new, expanded studio right around the corner, and I'm sorry to say I hadn't been in before today. They're open several times a week, including one evening that is for Spanish-speakers only (kudos for that). Tristan and I popped over to donate some old frames and a future bike trailer (read: salvaged stroller) to the shop. The bikes will one day belong to people who put the time in to nurture them back to health, with the help of the volunteer bike experts at Chainbreaker. If you're in Santa Fe and you want to build a bike, learn how to repair your bike, or share your skillz, check it out! Really one of Santa Fe's best grassroots efforts!

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