Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Yolk of a Different Color

Lots of things affect the color of an egg's yolk--freshness, quality of the chickens' feed, and...color of feed? I read an article last summer about a farmer here in NM who feeds his bumper crop of red chile to his chickens, which turns their yolks red. (Another fun fact about chickens--they can't taste spicy, making them the perfect natural distributors for the seeds of plants like chiles.) Well, it just so happens that we have ended up with our own bumper crop of peppers--a trash bag of bell peppers, mostly red, from the local dumpster. We've been feeding them to our girls at the rate of about three per day. Check out the difference in yolk color between the egg laid prior to the pepper addition to their diet, and the egg laid after eating peppers for a few days in a row. Wow!

From Whittled Down


megan/mason said...

That is fascinating! I'm curious to see the longer term affects of the peppers on the yolks.

gregjsmith said...

Do you find it affects the taste?

Eric said...

That's incredible.

The other day I was reading about lutein (what gives yolks their darker yellow color). Commercial egg farmers add lutein (extracted from marigold petals) to the chicken feed, because their chickens don't get enough greens which would otherwise provide lutein.

Zorra said...

Oooh, that is a gorgeous egg! (and I don't even usually like eggs, haha)