Monday, February 22, 2010

Homemade, Homegrown Garlic Powder

Tristan found an abandoned head of our homegrown garlic lurking at the bottom of a basket. The head was completely dried out, but thanks to our NM climate, not moldy. Ever a resourceful man, he pulled out the spice grinder and...voila! Homemade, homegrown garlic powder! This stuff maintains the more-intense-than-average spicitude of our native variety of garlic. One small head yielded a tablespoon or two of powder. Not much, but certainly better than tossing it. And plenty to flavor the homemade chicken noodle soup we're having for dinner (made from the stock I made yesterday).

I'm not sure of the value of garlic powder as a regular addition to the homemade arsenal. I suppose ideally you'd store your garlic properly and have fresh stuff for almost all of the year. But if you were growing a lot of garlic, you could intentionally dry a portion of the crop to get you through the inevitable few months past practical the storage point for cured garlic. Thoughts?


PermaFrost said...

It looks delicious. Manda and I are always jealous of your homesteading awesomeness. Garlic farmers in China tend to pickle their stuff - and I can tell you from many personal experiences that it's awesome. The common belief is that it's good for fighting colds.

Eric said...

cool! Was it dried out enough to prevent clumping? My home-ground cayenne has clumping issues. Any suggestions?