Sunday, January 3, 2010

Walk-in Refrigerator

There is a room in our house. Actually, it used to be our bedroom. It is about the size of a closet (just big enough to fit a double bed). It is not insulated (yeah, I know...?!?!?), so in the winter it makes the house very cold. We decided to use this to our advantage. We moved some large storage shelves from the laundry room to this room, parked a fridge thermometer in there, and now use this room as an overflow walk-in refrigerator.

Most of the stuff in here doesn't need to be kept super cold (so we wouldn't have to worry if it got above 40, which it is threatening to do today as you can see). Right now we have preserves, bulk flours and such, curing (not aging) cheese, and a bunch of salvaged batteries chillin' in there. Of course, this is a seasonal solution. Come spring we will find another purpose for this room. It might make a good place to dry food and grow things like sprouts and mushrooms that don't need direct sunlight.

While it is stupid that our house is not fully insulate (such is life as a renter), I really enjoy having this passively cool storage space. Passive refrigeration is something I would like to learn more about. Most foods don't need the kind of heavy-duty, energy intensive refrigeration we subject them to.

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Mikey Sklar said...

Lithium batteries love the cold. I keep mine in the fridge.

Those are sealed lead-acid (SLAs) that you have. Keep those in 72F. Lead-Acid likes room temperature.

Libby: said...

Tristan says: *forehead slap*