Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chipotle Goat Cheese

Soft goat cheese topped with flavored oil is our new hit with friends. We make our usual soft goat cheese, let it drain more thoroughly than usual, and then package it in a jar topped in super yummy flavored oil. We've been making chipotle oil for a distinctly New Mexican goat cheese. Oil on top of cheese is an age old method to extend the shelf life of this perishable. When you keep oxygen from getting to it, the cheese won't go bad as quickly. Since we are paranoid in this modern era, this cheese can be canned and refrigerated for quite a while, and I hear it can be frozen and thawed without much impact, but I haven't tried it. I don't recommend canning it unless you can't refrigerate it or freeze it, because, well, it's a pain.

This cheese is a refreshing way out of our homemade cheese rut. I can't believe I have such a dilemma--bored of fresh homemade cheese? Well, when you milk a gallon of milk a week, it's hard to deal with it all. This cheese is super tasty, quick, and great for parties. At the last party I brought it to, a guest tried to buy it from me wholesale! Alas, I don't have that kind of operation. Yet...

I gave this cheese to most of my relatives as part of the homemade New Mexico Sampler baskets I made. The baskets included the cheese, homegrown dried chiles, apple cider jelly, and biscochitos, the New Mexico State Cookie. So far, one aunt thinks its great and one grandma thinks it is toooo spicy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So, I haven't blogged much lately. It's not that I don't have plenty to write about. In fact, I have a backlog of projects to share. It's just no fun to blog when all you have to take pictures with is your stupid laptop. Please bear with the terrible photos until I have the resources to replace my camera. Ah me.

The other day while perusing ridiculous kitchen appliances at a kitchenware place, Tristan picked up a device called a "milk frother" or somesuch, designed to froth milk for lattes without a steamer. He thought this was silly, and immediately upon returning home, Tristan heated up some milk, made some strong coffee, and used our little stick blender (which we use for everything) to achieve very latte-like results. Coffee snobs will balk at this, I'm sure. But it works in a pinch and saves you $ and the annoyance of another random kitchen device that you only use once in a blue moon.