Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where's Waldo and Curly Willow

These curly willow branches were part of a very fancy flower arrangement for a party at the office. When we dismantled the arrangement today, we found that the willow was putting out roots. My boss and I each took some home. Curly willows (well, all willows, as most of you know) like boggy soil. Something we don't have much of here in Santa Fe, EXCEPT in the spot in our yard where the graywater empties out of our laundry machine. Currently this boggy area is home to weeds of monstrous proportions, but I'm hoping we can get these little guys established, because it'd be great to have some shade in the courtyard. I've read that these willows can put on several feet of grow in the first year.

PS. Say hi to our neighbor Zevin, who's playing the part of where's Waldo in this picture. Nothing wrong with soaking up some rays on the roof of the carport, eh?

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