Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our First Solar Panel

This morning we went to the Oshara Village Traditional Flea Market. The Flea Market is new this year, and it's intended to be a "traditional" market--out here, a lot of markets using the descriptive "flea" only sell new, artisan goods. We lucked out big time at the market, coming home with a bunch of great hand tools and a 50 watt solar panel.

We hooked the panel up to this pump (also a flea find) to test it out. Works great! We have some work to do to decide its best use around here. We already have an inverter, but we'll also need some batteries and a charge controller to make use of the panel rain or shine, daylight or dark.

This is our first solar panel, and we're excited about its possible uses. We think it will be especially useful as our first source of power if/when we ever end up building our own homestead from the ground up. For now, it may power our chest freezer or our cheese cave.


Mikey Sklar said...

I have batteries for you.

Libby: said...

We were hoping you would...

Grant Wagner said...

I remember when I got my first solar panel. I was so happy that I decided to get a 45 watt kit instead of something little like a cell phone charger. It was exciting! You're making your own energy!

Come to think of it, I got it about the same time as you did.