Monday, August 10, 2009

Freecycle Score

We scored this chest freezer off of freecycle. The ad said something like, "roomy, like the kind of freezer in the ice cream section at the grocery store." We had no idea they meant it was an actual Nestle ice cream freezer, of the sort that dispenses drumsticks and good humor bars. We haven't turned it on yet, but we hope it's efficient enough to justify the long term storage of our dumpster scores and growing season surplus.


Mikey Sklar said...

Nice Score.

Maybe there are some stickers on it that indicate its max amps/watts?

Look around and see if there is any dust build up around the compressor coils. Cleaning those off might boost your energy efficiency.

If you have a kill-o-watt that is a good way to monitor the beast. It probably draws less than your upright fridge/freezer.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good find. This will provide a good justification for the acquisition and storage of a whole fleet of frozen ice cream goodies. Is there such a thing as ice cream cupcakes?