Sunday, July 19, 2009

That's More Like It

Thanks to a generous lesson from my wonderful new employer, I learned how to safely identify one edible mushroom that's prevalent in the mountains here. The mushroom is boletus edulis, aka "King Bolete" or more familiarly, "porcini". These mushrooms can be found during the summer and fall in pine forests here.

A group of four of us found about 4 pounds of fresh porcinis this morning. We probably lost a half to a full pound due to wormy mushrooms, and once it was cooked down we had about 1.5 lbs of finished product. These mushrooms don't store well, so you either have to cook and freeze them or dry them immediately. We plan to use these babies on homemade pizza, and for the ultimate in gourmet local/free/homegrown food? Omelettes with eggs from our chickens, homemade feta from the goats we milk, and hand-gathered porcini mushrooms. Yes, it's getting mighty fancy around here...

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danila said...

Excellent! King bolete is delicious! Around here in NY, we've been finding little treasure troves of chanterelles, and just a handful of tasty boletes for now. Keep up the search and happy hunting!