Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mushroom Hunt

For starters, I'm sure you all know that collecting wild mushrooms can be dangerous, and that you should never, ever eat a mushroom you find unless you are 1 million percent sure of what it is.

Now that that's out of the way...

We are complete beginners at mushroom hunting. Since last year, we've read quite a few books on the subject and have started growing oyster and shittake mushrooms at home. Today we picked up an identification book that covers only the 6 easiest to identify edible mushrooms. We headed up to the ski basin, not really expecting to find anything, but excited to try.

Well, we spotted a lot of mushrooms, but none that we could eat. We also spotted a TON of flowering strawberry and not yet flowering raspberry plants, and plan to return to harvest those fruits later in the summer. We'll also return to look for mushrooms, hopefully next time with a friend who can guide us to the good stuff.

Here's Tristan, with his Swiss mountaineer look and his empty mushroom basket.
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