Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharing Space

We have invited a few yardless friends to participate in gardening at our house. We're doing this in good faith that the landlord would dig the idea. First to take us up on the offer were Stuart and Whitny, who live around the corner and rent a place with a typical Santa Fe gravel and pine tree yard. They broke ground on their plot a few days ago, and planted cold crops yesterday.

It seems to me that two major roadblocks for would-be gardeners are lack of space and fear of the unknown. We hope that inviting people to garden with us will address both issues--we have loaned them some space and we'll be gardening just feet away, always available to help. We're pretty psyched to have Whitny and Stuart growing food with us, and we hope a few more friends will join us in a miniature community garden.

The most exciting thing about this project is its simplicity and its organic conception. This is a small-scale community garden with no overhead and few logistics. If you're one of the lucky few in your circle of friends who has space, consider sharing it. You'll benefit from the company, the view, and the harvest of an expanded garden.

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