Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meat Market

We're not vegetarians. We realize that eating meat increases your carbon footprint by A LOT, but what can we say. It's a big ol' hypocrisy of ours, I guess. In an attempt to make our meat-eating slightly more ethical, we are taking a small step in what we think is the right direction. We already buy only organic, grass fed meat, but we also ate meat when we went out to eat, and God only knows where that stuff comes from. So, here's our new set of guidelines regarding meat:

1. No meat at restaurants.

2. Only buy meat from the farmer's market. Benefits of this are two-fold: meat is local, and so damn expensive that we can't afford a lot of it.

We are still mulling our guidelines regarding fish and shellfish. We're actually hoping to set up an aquaculture system to grow our own fish in the near future.

So, the goal is to reduce the overall amount of meat we eat and ensure that all the meat we by is local and humanely grown. This is just a first step. Eventually, we're either going to have to give meat up altogether or start butchering our own.

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ApostroNazi said...

I don't know what the restaurant scene looks like there in Santa Fe, but here in Providence, we have a number of places that source only organic, humanely grown meat. One such example is Local 121. Eating out at such places often isn't cheap, but if you're going to spend the cash for a nice dinner out, you might as well support businesses that share your concern for the environment and local produce.