Friday, March 13, 2009

Inspiration: The Dacha Project

Winter Palace Pt 4- Frame by Frame from Lea LSF on Vimeo.

When I met two of the six folks from The Dacha Project, we were all living in Philadelphia, dreaming of a sustainable existence in the countryside. Now Lea and Danila (and the rest of the Dacha group) are making it happen. They've relocated to Upstate NY and are entering their second season on the 16 acres they purchased last year. So many of the blogs I read and projects I happen upon are the work of experienced homesteaders, sharing the wisdom of many years of hard work towards a sustainable existence. I find it inspiring and hopeful to see these folks just starting out on this adventure, and kicking ass, by the way. For me, owning land still is still a dream just out of reach. But now I know it's possible, because The Dacha Project are young and poor like me--they have no secret trust fund or other unfair advantages (right, guys?) It's amazing what a small group of hard-working, thoughtful lovelies can do. I can't wait to see their homestead grow and bloom in the coming years!

So! Check out their site and their blog: and

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danila said...

Thanks for the link! Nope, we don't have trust funds on anything like that. Although you'd be surprised at the amount of amazing support we get from just about everyone. Keep up the excellent bloggering!