Sunday, February 15, 2009

Free Mulch and Manure

Our local recycling center has a vast mountain range of "green waste"--piles of wood chips and manure in varying stages of decomposition. This stuff is free for the taking, so this year we will be using it exclusively (well, plus our own compost and wormcastings) for the garden. So don't spend a fortune on soil amendments and mulch until you find out if your community has a similar resource.

Oh, and since we're city folk without a pickup truck, we picked up some rubbermaid tubs at the goodwill to fill with manure. An old sheet or a tarp also works well for less smelly stuff like mulch.

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Mikey Sklar said...

We also rely heavily on our recycle center for mulch and paper. Ours delivers the mulch in one of their garbage trucks. It might be worth asking if they will deliver it to you.