Saturday, January 24, 2009

Black Hole

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For those of you who enjoy salvage and live in New Mexico, if you haven't been to the Black Hole, you need to go. Now.

The Black Hole is a scrap yard full of discards from Los Alamos National Laboratory. Meters, glassware, pressure valves, electronic equipment--you name it, they've got it. It's freezing cold inside--there are buckets everywhere to catch water dripping from the roof.

Discarded lab remnants are stacked precariously everywhere (I admit I knocked a few things over). The sheer scale of this place is amazing. A whole shelf full of telephones, one of staplers, oscilloscopes...We spent pretty much the whole day there, wandering around.

The Black Hole is also part museum. In amongst the jumble you will find pieces of equipment labeled, "Not For Sale - Museum". Apparently the store's proprietor is a former lab employee who was fired for participation in peace protests in the 60s. There are anti-war, anti-bomb messages and artwork everywhere. And yes, there are a few geiger counters in the store to make sure nothing is radioactive. Well, not too radioactive...

Tristan and our friend Zevin bought various things for making musical robots, and I took lots of pictures because I was too overwhelmed to actually buy anything.

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Arjalon said...

Yeah. Love that place. The only problem was that it was very uneven in terms of pricing. He wanted way too much for some items (like those old AT&T phones). Other stuff was ridiculously cheap.