Sunday, January 11, 2009


We've recently gotten back on the beermaking wagon. We've completed a steam lager, are about to bottle an oatmeal stout, and just set up new batches of British mild and hard cider, which you see bubbling away here. Making beer is perhaps the most cost-effective food you can make at home, with a 5-gallon batch costing about $30.

We almost never make beer alone--it's the perfect opportunity to have friends over, especially those who are interested in learning the process. In fact, we're thinking about organizing a beer cooperative, or Beer-of-the-Month Club, where a group of us can pitch in to buy the ingredients for a batch and then divvy up the yield.

We would really like to take our homebrew to the next level by doing our own mash and making large batches, but in order to do this we need a 15-gallon pot. It's been suggested to us that if we can get our hands on an abandoned keg and a plasma cutter, the resulting offspring would be the perfect size for the task. Time to start calling the area scrap yards! Oh, and check my Flickr Account for more pictures.


Mikey Sklar said...

Would love to help you two hack up some old kegs. Maybe even have you both do a beer brewing workshop in TorC. We have a local restaurant the has the right size pots and would let us use their kitchen. They have a beer and wine license so you could potentially make money.

Erika said...

If you ever want to put some custom labels on any of your brews, to commemorate a particularly fun brewing session or something, you might want to check out

I'm a homebrewer myself over in California and our friends come over all the time to help us out. Every year for Christmas we give them bottles of the beer we made together along with customized labels with pictures of all of us working together on the beer they're drinking.

Anyway, bottle your brand does great work and they're worth checking out if you ever feel like labelling your stuff.